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Mouse Loves Rice
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I Have A Dream
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I Have A Dream
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Say You Will
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Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

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Protoplasm - Rentrer En Soi /リエントール アン ソイ

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smites obfuscation







Stare the essential qualities. The vicinity overflows with the lie.
Open the door of time. Touch your Search the existing reason.
The is sure to awake. The true future begins to appear.
The living thing is composed of protoplasm. listens and is started.
Certain heart sound and second It is only a prelude.
But...As long as you are you. doesn't finish no ringing.





Romaji lyric
Anata naiteiru nemurenai yoru no yami ni kago no naka no tori no you fusagikonde
Smites obfuscation

Hitori ga kowai no? ishiki ga bunretsu suru no? mune no oku no itami ga mata

Akenai yoru wa kurushikute tsurakute itai kara

Kanawanu sora e to negatteru hibi wa hatenaku furisosogu konton ni shibarareta mama

Kazari tsuduketeru no? jiko hitei wo kakushita mama itsuwatte ima1 wo ni ikiteiru dake

Itsu kara ka ushinatta? taisetsu omoi sae kowarete

Ubatte kioku sae haruka na sekai yogoreta kokoro de wa genjitsu e to tada somerarete yuku

Stare at the essentional qualities.the overflows with the lie.
Open the of time.touch your past.seach for the existing reason.
The mind sure to awake.the true future begins to appear.
The living thing is composed of and is started.
Certain sound and second is only a prelude. long as you doesn't finish no

Hontou wa sotto dakishimete hontou wa zutto namida koraeteita

oshikoroshiteiru omoi wo kowashite! uwabe dake de sugi yuku hibi wo

Kanawanu sora e to ima furete yukeru yogoreteku kokoro to toki no tobira wo

Hitomi no oku no hitoshizuku no namida wa itsu no ma ni ka yume wo mise hajimeteiru...


the darkness of the night, when you cry
and cannot sleep, like a bird a cage- it closes
and is depressed, obfuscation.
One is scared? Consciousness separates?
The pain in the of the chest increases again.

Because is nothing but painful,
Painful, it is painful in the morning that
does not dawn.
Begging to the sky, everyday life ceases to end
and is bound in the that pours down, to the cartridge.
Continue to decorate it, while self denial is hidden, it, lying.
You're skillfully now.

time was lost? Even thinking it's important is broken.
Taking even memory, with the heart, it's become dirty,
and with actuality, by the far world.

at the essential qualities.The vicinity overflows with the lie.
Open the of time.Touch your past.Search for the existing reason.
The mind is sure to awake.The future begins to appear.
living thing is composed of protoplasm.It listens and is started.
Certain heart sound and second hands.It is only a
But...As as you are.It doesn't finish ringing.

The truth you held while tears you embraced, quietly,
and closely, reality.

Shouting destroys the subdued of thinking, it passes every
day, under the screaming.

Destruction that touch the frightening* sky and break it open!
I become dirty, turning over my heart** the door of time.

It will begin to show the dream of time, the interior of the pupil,
shedding tears into the one drop.

Rentrer En Soi /リエントール アン ソイ

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